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Mast Gap Repair

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Mastic GAP Repair

Mastic Gap Repair

Mastic is a mixture of asphalt, fine aggregates, polymers, and other modifiers. Unlike traditional hot-pour crack sealant, the addition of fine aggregates allows Mastic to be load-bearing, which means it can be used to fill cracks and voids that are either too wide for hot-pour crack sealant or are cupped. It provides a sealed crack eliminating water invasion into the sub-base and increasing the ride quality. Cupped cracks occur when the combination of moisture and freeze-thaw cycles soften and erode the base material under the cracks. The result is a dip centered at the crack felt as a bump when a vehicle drives over it. To fill and level these dips, Mastic can be applied via a special pour box that rides over the cupped area of the crack, filling the void and providing a level finished product.



It is very important to make sure cracks in your pavement surfaces are repaired as soon as possible. Most cracks occur by the sub-soils upward to the wear surface. If not addressed, water will invade the sub surfaces causing severe damage, especially in a freeze-thaw cycle. During the assessment, we determine which areas require mastic repair and put together a square foot or linear foot total, depending on the level of deterioration. We will also assess the needs for a traditional crack seals for smaller cracks.



We work with the client on access to the asphalt surfaces requiring repair. We can work during or after business hours to best meet the client’s needs. We have cones, barricades, and caution taps in place around the work zone when onsite. A crucial part of the mastic product’s longevity is making sure the area of repair is cleaned effectively. We prep the area with a heat-lance that provides compressed air and heat to ensure a clean, dry surface. We apply the mastic product in either one single pass or several depending on the need of the deteriorated area. 



The final product is a mastic repair that is thermally bonded to a clean heated surface—providing exceptional resistance to wear combined with inherent flexibility. Mastic repair also eliminates water invasion and provides a smooth driving surface. Once completed and depending on the outdoor temperatures, repair areas can be opened in 30 minutes.

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