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Infrared Asphalt Repair

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Infrared Asphalt Repair

infrared Repair

The Infrared repair process is the BEST solution for long-lasting asphalt repair. It provides a thermally bonded SEAMLESS repair within 20 minutes.

Infrared Process

Our infrared team consists of a 2-man crew and 1-truck. Every parking lot is assessed for adequate workflow and minimal disruption to customers’ daily operations. Each repair area is cleaned of all debris and standing water, and the truck is backed into position.

Setting Up

Duramax Truck Setting Up

Heating Process

Duramax Truck Setting Up

The heating chamber uses a mixture of air and propane to create a flameless heat that softens the asphalt to a depth of 1.5″-2″. This process takes 8-10 minutes to heat an area of approximately 42sq.ft.

A crucial part of this step is framing the repair inside the heated area. As shown, we work approximately 3″ inside the outer heated edges providing that undisturbed asphalt to cool. This creates a thermally bonded edge eliminating water invasion and providing a long-lasting, seamless repair. This is where infrared is a stand-alone method of repair.

The Framework

Duramax Truck Setting Up

Raking the Repair 

Duramax Truck Setting Up

The heating process allows our crew to rake into the top wear surface approximately 1.5″ -2″. In most cases, the deteriorated asphalt has good oils and binders and can be reused. We recycle most of the existing asphalt for the repair and remove any dry, brittle, or cold patch materials.

We add new asphalt and new rejuvenating oils to every infrared repair. This step is important to add the right amount of new asphalt to bring the area of repair back to level grade and ensure drainage. The rejuvenating oils replenish the existing binders, which strengthens the finished repair.

Adding New Asphalt

Duramax Truck Setting Up

Grade & Leveling

Duramax Truck Setting Up

This is the most important step in the infrared repair process. Before compaction, we ensure that the repair has a smooth finish and a good grade for drainage.

The final step in the repair process is compaction. We operate with a ride-on asphalt roller to have proper compaction for each infrared repair. After compaction is completed and depending on outdoor temperatures, the repair area can be opened up to traffic in 30 minutes.


Duramax Truck Setting Up
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