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Asphalt Paving

The structural design of your pavement surface is crucial in determining its strength, durability, and overall life span. Whether we are providing a new asphalt wear surface or completing a full-depth replacement, Duramax provides a clear, transparent proposal along with a step-by-step plan to schedule and execute your project.

Duramax Asphalt offers superior quality asphalt maintenance and paving solutions to the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

Paving Solutions That BEST Fits Your Needs


Asphalt overlay

The existing surface is cleaned, and a tack-coat is applied for adhesiveness. Depending on grade, a 1.5”-2” pave is installed and compacted to specification. (Solution for: minor cracking, uneven surfaces).


Asphalt mill and overlay

The existing surfaces are milled off (removed) to allow a smooth, solid base for the new pave installation. Tack-coat is applied to the milled surface for adhesive, and a new asphalt pave is installed and compacted to specification. (Solution for: Oxidized (dry) asphalt, potholes and major cracking areas, uneven surface, or inadequate drainage) .


Full-depth replacement

All existing asphalt material is removed to full depth. Sub-base materials are exposed and inspected for failure. Spot corrections are made, and new base material is installed and compacted to support new asphalt pave. Specified asphalt design is installed in two lifts; first the base course, then the wear course. (Solution for: minor sub-base heaving, rutting, and cupping of asphalt wear course, complete failure of wear and base course, high water tables, clay or sub-base materials exposed on wear surface). 


Reclamation/Soil stabilization

The asphalt top wear course is removed, and the asphalt base course is reclaimed (recycled) into the sub-base materials to a depth of 8”-12”. If required, soil stabilization is completed to create a strongly reinforced sub-base to ensure a long-lasting support structure for the new asphalt surface. Once the sub-base is completed, the asphalt base and wear course are installed for the complete reconstruction. (Solution for: Large-scale sub-base failure, high water tables, inadequate sub-soils). 

When you install asphalt pavement, you benefit from the superior qualities of asphalt for 20 to 30 years. While asphalt requires annual maintenance to maximize its lifespan, the investment is far less expensive than other pavement types. To experience the benefits of asphalt paving in Minnesota, contact Duramax Asphalt, your paving experts.

Duramax Asphalt offers superior quality new paving solutions to the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

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