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Who We Are

Duramax Asphalt is a veteran-owned family business that focuses primarily on asphalt preservation and repair. Being Minnesota residents and growing up in the harsh elements of the Northern United States we are acutely aware of what the freeze-thaw cycle can do to roads, parking lots and properties. We started Duramax when we learned there was room for improvement based on new technology that was emerging versus the traditional methods we had witnessed as we researched this industry.

Myself (Dave) and my son (John) are well matched for running this company. John spent 6 years serving in the middle east in the Navy and is proud to be a Duramax owner with me. Both of us like what we do and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. It is nice to experience the shared burden with family, overcoming the hardships, sharing the joy of the successes and building a legacy business in the community. It gives a closeness to not just the family involved, but our employees as well, who seem to become like family to us as we all grow together.

We insist on the quality of the Duramax product because our name is behind it. As our company grows, so does the ethics spotlight that shines on it.  I was recently asked about what frustrates me in this business, and my answer was; “I don’t pay that much attention to the competition and what they are doing, but what I hear is that there are companies that are making short cuts and cutting corners in their work that give us all a bad name. There seems to be a stereotype of who the asphalt or construction contractor is supposed to be, a ‘rough and tumble, gruff, hard man with foul language and dirty hands’ that is not who I want to be associated with.” There are a lot of good people in our market area, and a lot of good companies in this business as well. We want to be held up as one of them. We consider ourselves as a guest on your property and in your acquaintance, we what to honor that relationship. We want to partner with you and become a trusted part of your business life.

We have the tools, the knowledge, the people and the motivation to live up to the challenge of being your best, most trusted source of pavement maintenance and restoration on your property. Give us a call. Our estimates are free. We hope for a chance to meet you and discuss how Duramax Asphalt can remedy just about any asphalt problem or pavement issue you may have with speed and economy.

Meet the Team

We pride ourselves on who we are and also on who we are becoming. Our staff is comprised of family members and hard working friends who have become associated with the business. In the end we are all considered family and share in all aspects of who Duramax Aspahlt is in this community.

Dave Vondrachek

Dave Vondrachek


I come from a family of hard working business owners and from the time I was about seven years old my parents expected me to earn, learn and provide. At seven, I was working a shoe-shine route and working my butt off nearly seven days a week. Mom was a local business owner and dad was a Navy man. I was one of eight children who were all expected to be accountable.

I brought (most of) those values forward to my family of five children and a wife of more than 30 years. Today my grown up children have become fine young adults with solid ethics and a great grounding in the Lord. They all have serving hearts and caring minds, something I am very proud of.

I spent many years in the corporate world, jetting around the country in both commercial and private aircraft, living a prestigious life as an executive, but in my core, I really felt like I wanted my life back. I wanted to be closer to may family, not closer to my coworkers. So, I started looking for a business I could call my own, one that would serve the local community and keep me closer to my family. Duramax Asphalt is the result of some trial and error, but truly ended up being a gift from God to myself and to my family. Duramax Asphalt now feeds more than a dozen families; those that we employ and others that we share our harvest with locally, and we are growing that number every year!

It is a humbling experience to be living the American dream. It takes true determination, solid effort, tremendous faith and hard work to stand out among the competition in this industry. I want to be remembered for the good work we do everyday. Ultimately, I am a servant to our customers, I do the work that they don’t want to do, and I want to do the absolute best I can to honor that responsibility.

Every day I try to become a better person, a better business owner, a better professional in the Asphalt Repair and Preservation industry. I truly have a heart for finding a better way to do traditional things, for looking deeper into a situation and thinking patiently about how to answer tough questions in a way that benefits all parties involved.

My passion is for God, my family, my business and for helping people. There is great reward for doing ethical work and treating people the way you would want to be treated. I want to see our company become the trusted source that people want to come to, and want to talk about.

John Vondrachek

John Vondrachek


I’ve had the pleasure of being raised in a family where hard work, dedication, morality, and integrity were apart of everyday life. With that foundation, it has lead me to start a company where those principles are evident in all we do.

Growing up in Minnesota I knew there was a need for better asphalt solutions. The weather cycles here are a perfect concoction for constant repair and maintenance in the asphalt world.

With the solutions that we provide, I believe we are the best in the business at doing the right work and having the work be done in the right way.

I am proud to work for this company and work tirelessly to make sure the customer is satisfied with the jobs we do. It is apart of my DNA as a person and it filters into the products we provide for our clients.

David Vondrachek Jr

David Vondrachek Jr.

Team Leader

Growing up a Vondrachek is no easy task, my dad has always put high expectations on who we are and what we do. Growing up we all were expected to pull our weight around the house and to be the best students we could be in all aspects of learning at school or at church.

I was seventeen when my dad asked me to become a part of the Infrared Asphalt Repair crew. Working under my brother John, was an awesome opportunity, but also meant hard work, much harder than what many of my friends were doing working first jobs at fast food joints or bagging groceries. But, I love hard work and enjoyed being a part of the family business and learning a very complex trade.

Working in the family business takes your family relationship to a whole new level, much more so than just being a teenager in school. It takes you to emotional places you haven’t been before and asks you to become so much more than just an employee working for a stranger, you have to work things out that have impacts that are bigger than your own self. It was hard at first, but now we are such an awesome team and work so well together. We wouldn’t have it any other way and have tremendous momentum for the future.

Personally, I love family days on Sunday after a hard week at work. I don’t sit around much and am always looking for things to do with my friends; golfing, flag football, gaming, or just hanging with my buddies in the evening. I love to travel and as a young man have already had opportunities to see places some of my friends have only dreamed about; Mexico, Holland and Greece on missions trips to name a few. I really want to go back to Europe and see England or Ireland in more detail in the near future. I also love to help out our church doing facilities management with a bunch of great people. I enjoy learning new things about building restoration and all things related to maintaining a large facility and its many diverse systems.

I look forward to seeing Duramax Asphalt become a benefit to the neighborhoods and communities we serve. It is an amazing feeling to look back at a property we have restored and know that we are making a difference in the lives of the people who not only own the property, but the hundreds of people who drive or walk on that property every day.

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